Thursday, April 23, 2009



Wow, what a week! And I have to talk about it to somebody!

First, the Gift was from Heather at girlichef and was actually a Sea Salt give-away. Her darling son pulled my name out of girlichef’s lucky hat and…. It was MY lucky day. I received my sachet of Gourmet Espresso Bravo Sea Salt from Charmane’s Gourmet Seasonings as well as an adorable little pinch bowl.

Thank you girlichef and helpers for this super fun gift. Now I am trying to come up with the perfect recipe to use this amazing Espresso Sea Salt in.

The Prize was an incredibly fabulous and adorable VINTAGE APRON from Karen at Domestic Muse as part of her Everything Old is New Again Retro Recipe Contest and I won the Main Course Category with my mom’s 1960’s Surprise Burgers! Yay mom! I won this and I so cannot wait to wear it in the kitchen:

Thank you a gazillion, Karen! This was such a fun Contest and I hope it becomes one of your regular features. What a blast from the past some of those cool and groovy recipes were! I may have to make those Cream Cheese Dainties from 7th grade Home Ec class after all – in your honor!

The Give-Away is from The Apron Goddesses.

The lucky winner of this super give-away walks away with a Monogrammed Linen Ice Milk Apron gift pack! The aprons are simply gorgeous and will be a joy to wear in the kitchen while you whip up those family heirloom recipes. The Apron Goddesses is a beautifully designed and awfully cute blog for all those Apron Goddesses out there who can’t get enough…aprons. Chock full of beautiful aprons and apron give-aways, this blog is a wonderful find!

And last, but far from least, the Honor – and what an honor – is being the first post on the brand spanking new blog honoring AK Muckraker of Mudflats fame. Her Forum Administration, Moderator’s, friends and faithful followers wanted to show our love and respect for this amazing political blogger and, of course, her informative, in-depth, thought-provoking and often humorous blog by creating a blog especially in her honor. We all can participate by creating things or posting our own “guest post” on this space dedicated to sharing our thoughts about Mudflats and honoring the blog. I pulled up the new and saw, much to my amazement, my own Life’s a Feast post honoring AK Muckraker with my very own buttery Moose Nuggets Mudflats cookies.

Thank you ever so much for this high honor. I am thrilled.

And, now, back to cooking….


~Carole said...

It's great to be you! I'm so jealous, LOL. That apron is gorgeous. Congratulations on everything!

scraps said...

How fun for you! You do have such a gift of writing along with you cooking, glad to see you have won.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, what great prizes! i'm jealous too ;-P!



girlichef said...

You're on a roll, woman!! Can't wait to see what you do with the salt...and that apron is so adorable :)

Ana Powell said...

Gosh, lucky you.
I love the apron, just beautiful.
I am really glad for you x

asiangrrl said...

You deserve it all, Jamie. That apron is SO you!

Donna-FFW said...

Congratulations.. good for you. Cant wait to see you wear the apron, I soo wanted an apron.

teresa said...

Isn't it fun! You deserve all of it!

Sara said...

Congratulations! I never win anything :)

Julia said...

Holy mole you won a great one! I saw that one too and entered as well. Wa! But thanks for posting about TAG and playing along with the reindeer games!

And I always want to eat a cookie...

the ungourmet said...

That is the sweetest little apron!

Your blog is lovely! Thank your for stopping over at my blog today! Have a wonderful weekend!

Chef E said...

Sounds like you took my SWAG crown on this post :) Congrats on the vintage contest...I hate to say it but I only use aprons at work, and not at home...just go through a million dish towels a week though!

Oh I got salt, some purple, from girlichef too!


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