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A Trip to New York and a Food Blog Award

As all of my wonderful friends and readers know, I was off to New York for almost two weeks, but as only a few of you know, I didn’t go on vacation; I went to visit and help out my dear and sadly ailing brother. A truly bittersweet trip. I thank all of you for the friendship and well wishes you have sent to me, it was truly felt. And I thank all of you for popping in and checking up to see if I had returned. I am back home and back blogging. I have so much catching up to do!

A run down of my trip :

BITTER : Seeing my brother, once so incredibly strong and healthy, so active and multi-talented, stricken down by this unforgiving, unrelenting disease, his world reduced to his immediate surroundings and the comfort and limited activities that it can offer.

SWEET : Having been able to spend two weeks with him, laughing with him at jokes on tv, old photos and silly observances. Knowing that I helped him as best I could in such a short time, organizing, explaining, communicating to others on his behalf, showing him my love and support.

BITTER : Being away from home and family. Coming home to a mountain of ironing and a basically empty fridge, having had my delicates washed on not-so delicate (though it was sweet of them to try), ten days or so away from my blog, having to make up time on house-hunting, waking this morning to a sink-full of last night’s dishes, pots and pans, finding that my baking shelf in the pantry was rearranged, everything shoved somewhere else so I had to scavenge through all the shelves looking for each item.

SWEET, BUT OH-SO SWEET : Being back in my husband’s arms, Marty excited to see me and my waking this morning to the usual routine of him running to my bedside and showing his enthusiasm, the boys pleased with the meager gifts I could manage to bring back from New York for them, Simon asking me to bake a banana bread and Clem showing me his incredible, fantastic grade on his second Interior Architecture project, knowing all of my men actually got along for almost two weeks in my absence!

Coming home to a fabulous Daube de Boeuf aux Carottes (Beef with Carrots Stew) made by my favorite Frenchman and oh-so-fab cook JP. Very sweet, indeed!

AND THE CHERRY ON THE TOP : Sam of My Carolina Kitchen surprising me with the Fabulous Food Blog Award! What a wonderful, wonderful surprise! And little did Sam know, but it came at the perfect time, just when I needed something to make me smile and feel so appreciated!

The first rule of this award is to pass the Fabulous Food Blog award on to five fellow bloggers who I believe deserve this distinction. I follow many wonderful blogs, but the five I have chosen are special. These are each amazing, fun to read and inspiring (inspiring me to cook!) food blogs that I turn to almost daily. And Kate, Antonella, Kevin, Maryann and Rania are bloggers whom I have come to consider real friends now; I so love to visit their blogs and I am thrilled whenever I see that they have popped over to visit mine.

1. Kate in the Kitchen
2. Croce e Delizia
3. Closet Cooking
4. Finding la Dolce Vita
5. Yumeezy

These five blogs are invited to pass along the “Fabulous Food Blog Award.” The rules aren’t mine, they came with the award. You must pass it on to five other Fabulous Bloggers in a post. You may find their email addresses on their Profile page or, if not available, post as a "Comment" to their latest post.

You must include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them. You must list five of your “Fabulous Addictions” in the post.
You must copy and paste these rules in the post.
Right click the award icon and save to your computer; then post with your own awards. To my way of thinking, this is a nice tribute and it widens the reading audience.

Along with passing the award along, the rules say you must list five of your “Fabulous Addictions.” Here are mine :

1. Food (how obvious is that?) - whether “fine dining”, local fare, street food or homemade
2. Books (cookbooks mostly but police and murder mysteries as well)
3. Really fine, usually Italian, leather shoes and handbags
4. Baking (I am truly addicted)
5. Computer – sadly, I have become addicted to Mudflats, Facebook and food blogs as well as the writing of and preparation of my own blog

Now, that is as close as I get to putting together a list of addictions.

I leave you here with a great big “I AM BACK” and an extra thank you and a great big virtual hug to Sam of My Carolina Kitchen for giving me this much appreciated award!


swedishclare said...

And oh, dear Jamie, we are so glad you are back!

scraps said...

A very nice post, thanks for helping me feel so blessed. Congrats on your award!

cooknkate said...

I missed you and OMG!!!! You gave me an award! Talk about a sweet homecoming!

Thanks so much, and you would get it right back if it didn't come from you. I love your posts, your life perspective and your food. I could happily co-exist in a kitchen with you any day.

Culinary Wannabe said...

I'm glad you had some "sweet" highlights of your trip - I'm sure it was emotionally taxing seeing your brother. My prayers are certainly with you and him. I also hope you were able to enjoy nyc a bit! We've had some interesting changes in weather lately, from spring warmth, to freezing cold again. Congrats on your award!!

Aeroentropy said...

Good to see you back, Jamie - still looking for you on the other side when you're ready.

Big ((hug)) to you!


Maryann said...

Very nice to see you back. I wish your brother every comfort.
The award is beautiful and I feel so honored to receive it from you. Thanks so much. I will display it proudly :)

Alex said...

Welcome back, Jamie!

Sorry (and glad) about your bittersweet trip.... but congrats on the award!

asiangrrl said...

Jamie, oh, how I've missed you, our chats, and your blogging. I am glad you got to spend time with your brother, even if there was bitter mixed in with the sweet. Welcome back to the 'real' world of the intertubes. Glad to have you back.

Kevin said...

Congrats on the award! Thanks for the award!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Jamie, I'm so glad you are home. We've missed you. You and your brother are in our thoughts and prayers. It's wonderful that you got to spend some time with him.

I'm so glad I could bring a bit of happiness your way. Your blog is truly fabulous and you deserve every award.

I too am addicted to really good shoes. I miss my days working at Saks Fifth Avenue where I got a discount. Those were the days.

Really enjoyed this beautiful post. Welcome home.

Jamie said...

Thanks to all for the congratulations and the welcome backs. I am always so touched and thrilled when you stop by my blog!

Sirenoftitan said...

Welcome back Jamie - you've been missed.

What is it with men and laundry ? They just seem incapable of reading washing instructions.....

Congratulations on your award

Irishgirl said...

Glad to have you back were missed!

Antonella said...

Jamie, thanks! I am very happy to receive from you the "Fabulous Food Blog Award"!

I hope that your brother fells better now.

Sophie said...

Congrats on your 1st winning award, Jamie!! I am glad that you commented on my foodblog so that I can discover your wonderful foodblog!! Thanks!!!

W. Va. Fur and Root said...

Oh Sweet Jamie!

What experiences you've had lately. I'm so sorry seeing the reality of your brother's illness was heartbreaking, but in the days and years to come this last visit will take on a sweetness fully qualifying it for Life's a Feast status.

Congratulations on the award - I knew it was only a matter of time before the awards started.

Welcome home.


Jamie said...

Thank you dear Connie! I haven't yet bumped into you over at the Flats, so it is nice to see you here! And thank you for the heartfelt sentiments. I missed all of you very much.

~Carole said...

My goodness, what a bittersweet trip. I can't imagine how hard it must've been for you, especially considering how you remember your brother in the past.

Best wishes your way.


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